Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Printer Sharing Problem Between Windows XP and Windows Vista Network

A friend of mine had a Windows XP PC attached to a printer which he wanted to share with his Windows Vista laptop through a wireless network. He was able to connect the two computers together and transferred huge amount of files without a glitch. However, he had a hard time when he tried to install the shared printer into his laptop. The laptop could see the printer but could not connect, and the "Add Printer Wizard" would not even find it. After two Paracetamols later, he gave up and called me.

The first thing I did was to take note of the Windows XP computer name and the shared printer name ("\\JUAN-DESKTOP\Printer"). Then I ran the "Add Printer Wizard" and chose "Add a local printer" (disable "Automatically detect..."). I selected "Create a new port" then clicked on "Next." A dialog box then asked me to enter a port name which was: "\\JUAN-DESKTOP\Printer." After a few seconds, the laptop managed to connect to the shared printer.

Well...sometimes we have to do things manually when dealing with Windows quirks.

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