Monday, May 4, 2009

A Last Ditch Effort to Save Your Data - Freeze Your Hard Drive!

Believe it or not, but you can actually recover some, if not all, of your data from a failing hard drive by freezing it! However, this method will only fix the the hard drive temporarily (long enough for you to extract your data before it gives up for good), and is best suited for drives that make tell-tale clicking/clacking sound due to overheated metal parts that have expanded. By freezing the hard drive, the expanded parts will shrink back into place, making the drive mount properly and run for a while.

Before you continue, you need to have a new drive already installed on your computer as "master" or another computer that's already setup and ready to go.

Step 1: Remove the defective hard drive from the computer;

Step 2: Place it inside a resealable plastic bag to prevent condensation then seal it;

Step 3: Place the sealed hard drive in the freezer for a few hours (the longer, the better);

Step 4: Remove the hard drive from the freezer and install it into the computer right away as "slave" and boot it up;

Step 5: If you can access the drive, begin data recovery right away.

Try again if the method worked but you're not able to recover all your data before the drive breaks again.

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