Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lorkan Anti-Malware for Windows XP/Vista/7

A fast and easy-to-use automated malware removal tool for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Key Features: 

- Fast malware detection and removal for fixed and removable drives.
- Quarantine files for later restoration in case of false-positive.
- Detect and remove some unknown malwares (experimental).
- Restore missing NTLDR of connected System hard drives.
- Delete-on-next-reboot ability.
- Scan paths listed inside autorun files.
- Unhide folders hidden by malware.
- Registry fix and optimization.
- Restore Safeboot functionality.
- Fix critical Windows services damaged by malware.
- Remove debugger values cause some programs not to run.
- Cleanup "TEMP" files and folders.
- Restore Winsock settings.


Upon launching the program, a message box will appear, prompting you to proceed. After clicking "Yes," it will automatically do the following: 

(everything will be done automatically - no prompts!)
- Close any running process that may pose as security threat.
- Close explorer.exe temporarily (desktop will reappear after the scan).
- Scan the memory for known threats and "quarantine" those threats.
- Scan any drive connected to the system, including USB flashdrives.
- Look for Browser Helper Objects (BHO).
- Verify previously scanned files to reduce, if not eliminate, false positives.
- Restore malware corrupted registry values.
- Check Windows installer - repair if invalid.
- Check Network settings and reset winsock.
- Perform drive cleanup (tmp files, browser cache, etc.)
- Check Windows explorer - repair if necessary.
- Check if NTLDR exists - restore if not detected.
- Perform minor registry tweaks to improve system performance.

Back from the Great Firewall

Eight months behind the "Great Firewall of China" coupled with my very busy schedule prevented me from updating this blog. Over the years, China's leaders have attempted to deny their citizens Internet access to subversive ideas by constructing the Great Firewall of China—or as the Chinese Ministry of Public Security prefers to call it, the Golden Shield Project. The Firewall was instituted in 1998 and censorship has grown increasingly strict ever since. It is estimated that some 30,000 people are employed by the Ministry of Public Security to monitor and block offending websites. The Firewall prevents Chinese citizens from accessing at least 18,000 foreign websites, including such subversive sites as Twitter and YouTube. - source:

Even using proxies and virtual private networks to leap over the wall has become harder. As of yesterday, the only proxy I found that could actually work is ( won't work).

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